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10K Give Away


The Scottish Government have set aside £10,000 for locally based community groups and want to put YOU in control of how it is spent.

What is Social Isolation and Loneliness?

Social isolation and loneliness are distinct concepts.

Social isolation refers to the quality and quantity of the social relationships a person has at individual, group, community and societal levels.

Loneliness is a subjective feeling experienced when there is a difference between an individual’s felt and ideal levels of social relationships.

Social isolation and loneliness are not necessarily linked, as people who are socially connected can feel lonely and socially isolated people may not feel Lonely.

Teuton, J. (2018). Social isolation and loneliness in Scotland: a review of prevalence and trends. [online] Available at:

Who can apply?

You must be able to answer YES to the following;

Are you a constituted Dundee based group with local governance?

o Does your group have a bank account?

o Do you have an idea to address social isolation and/or loneliness?

o Can you show your idea has had involvement from the local community?


What can you apply for?

  • A project or activity that will address social isolation and/or loneliness
  • A new project or activity- or a clear development of a current project or activity

If you are applying for staff costs you must already have a payroll system in place.

How do you apply?

To apply for the funding, you must complete and return this form by Friday 14th of April.

If your idea meets the criteria you will be invited to an event on Tuesday 30th April from 1pm -3.30pm. Please ensure a representative can attend on this date when submitting your application.

The Event

The event will be held at Coldside Parish Church. At the event you will be expected to present a two-minute talk on your idea (presentation software should not be used).

We encourage project participants, volunteers, friends and the community to attend the event and to vote on how the funds should be distributed. (If your group have any barriers to attending the event please let us know.) Everybody will have multiple votes and must use each vote on a separate project to encourage deeper engagement with the process. The votes will be counted on the day and the successful participants will be announced!

Refreshments and Cake will be supplied at the event and the building is fully wheelchair accessible.

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