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Blood Pressure and Videoconsulting

This year’s SmartCare featured two Scottish Government initiatives in care and healthcare. You can find the presentations below …


Near Me Tayside – presentation by Ross Jamieson on the roll out of videoconsulting to outpatient clinics

ViCo Study – Professor Brian McKinstry’s summary of an academic study into the use of Attend Anywhere by GPs in Lothian

NHS Tayside is about to roll out the Near Me initiative to around eight outpatient clinics, and many more will follow. That means patients will have a choice of physically going to Ninewells

Ross Jamieson, eHealth Service Delivery Manager, NHS Tayside 

or other clinics, or consulting a clinician from home, work or school. Edinburgh University’s Professor Brian McKinstry (pictured above) led a research study into the use of videoconsulting by GPs in Lothian. The results were positive and negative …

Ross Jamieson is a key figure in the NHS Tayside Near Me project and works with the TOPS team (Transforming Out Patient Services). His role is eHealth Service Delivery Manager. Ross described the scope of the Near Me scheme and the technical challenges which have already been over come to make videoconsulting happen.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Prof McKinstry’s presentation on the national campaign to scale up home blood pressure monitoring.

Professor McKinstry is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s campaign to scale up blood pressure monitoring at home. Statistics suggest that 1.2 million appointments are made for blood pressure monitoring, which arguably could be done more effectively at home, away from “white coat syndrome” and other pressures. The Florence team from Angus Health & Social Care Partnership were on hand to demonstrate a simple system for home health monitoring of blood pressure and many other signs.

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Dudhope Castle
The venue for Dundee SmartCare

SmartCare was from 12 noon to 3 pm on 27 March 2019 in Dudhope Castle, Dundee.

Conference Programme (download version for print … smartcare 2019 programme)

12.00 … Sandwiches and exhibitions, including demonstration of Florence

12:30 … Professor McKinstry on scaling up blood pressure monitoring at home

13:00 … Jimmy Black, TEC Project … About Attend Anywhere

13:10 … Ross Jamieson from NHS Tayside on Near Me, and also Professor McKinstry on the Lothian GPs Attend Anywhere trial

13:20 … Professor McKinstry on Lothian GPs and Attend Anywhere – the ViCo study.

14:00 … Discussion, chaired by Trudy McLeay, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership – Should we do this? How do we do this?

15:00 … (at latest) finish

About the Venue

Historic Dudhope Castle, Dundee

The origins of Dudhope Castle lie in the 13th century, when it was built by the Scrymgeour family who were hereditary constables of Scotland. The current building dates from 1460, with various alterations, extensions and demolitions over the years.

It was from Dudhope Castle that James Graham of Claverhouse rode out to the Battle of Killiekrankie, only to be killed at the head of his victorious army. Claverhouse was known as “Bonny Dundee”, but was later dubbed “Bluidy Clavers” by historians of the other side.

Suffragettes tried to blow up the Castle in 1914, but were defeated by the weather. More recently, it was the venue for a community production of the Dundee novel, Witches Blood, the Abertay Business School and Dundee City Council’s Social Work Department. It is now a base for the Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership and is used for Learning and Organisational Development.