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Events: Dundee People’s Assembly

After the success of the first assembly back in August Dundee People’s Assembly are levelling up for 2021 with assemblies in all 8 wards of Dundee! A collective process of participatory democracy where everyone’s voice is valued and heard equally.

Facilitation Workshop: Thursday 11th February, 18:30-20:15

This is a Zoom workshop event for anyone who would like to learn the skills of group facilitation. This is a neutral lead role which is tasked around helping things run smoothly, making sure the group stays focused, and ensuring that everyone is being heard and respected. These last two points are very important for anyone who would like to help facilitate in our 8 upcoming assemblies as facilitators are tasked with upholding three core principles: Active listening, Trust and Respect.
We really want our assemblies to be community led so please do get involved!

The Dundee People’s Assemblies 2021!

Our vision not just for 2030…2040…or 2050, but now. As those working & giving their time on the ground already know so well; If we want change it starts here with our neighbours and in our communities.
It is the aim of the Dundee People’s Assembly to build on the inspiring upsurge of community support, empowerment, and love we have all witnessed and relied on during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Despite the devastating damage to our lives and livelihoods, made even worse for the many who were already living on the breadline- there is hope. The cracks in the system have come to the forefront and it is that clarity which presents us with a chance to change things for the better.
YOU have a say. We CAN make a change but we need to talk & organise together!
People’s Assembly: Maryfield, Tuesday 16th February, 19:00
People’s Assembly: Coldside, Thursday 18th February, 19:00
People’s Assembly: The Ferry, Tuesday 23rd February, 19:00
People’s Assembly: North East, Thursday 25th February, 19:00
People’s Assembly: West End, Tuesday 2nd March, 19:00
People’s Assembly: Lochee, Thursday 4th March, 19:00
People’s Assembly: Strathmartine, Tuesday 9th March, 19:00
People’s Assembly: East End, Thursday 11th March, 19:00