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Funding: Dundee Community Safety Partnership – Commissioning Budget – 2019/20

Dundee Community Safety Partnership – Commissioning Budget – 2019/20

The Commissioning Budget for the financial year 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020 is around £38,000 – final figure to be confirmed in due course.

To ensure this budget is allocated against the LOIP Intermediate Outcomes, requests for funding must identify how you will seek to address these with any CSP funds allocated to your service / project.

The LOIP outcomes are:

Ø Dundee has reduced levels of crime

Ø Dundee has reduced levels of re-offending

Ø Dundee has reduced fear of crime

Ø We have improved safety of our local communities by reducing the risk to life, property and the environment from fire.

Ø We have improved road safety

Ø We have improved personal safety in the home and in the community

Ø We have reduced Anti-Social Behaviour.

Focus will be on prevention and early intervention. Our delivery will be intelligence led.

To access funds from the commissioning budget please complete the form below and return to Garyth Jardine, CS. Manager by Friday 17 May 2019. A report seeking permission to release the funds will go to the Community Safety Convener for authorisation. You will be notified after this if you have been successful.

Allocation of the budget will be to those services / projects which can demonstrate that they will work to address the above. If you wish to receive funding from the CSP Commissioning budget you are required to complete the form below. Please note that if you are hoping to use some of the funds to complement other funding for your project, you must be able to specify exactly what the CSP funding will be used for

Application Funding Form 19-20