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Need help with shopping, prescriptions or other one off tasks? Visit with Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action

We’re delighted to have been part of the development of Combining the skills of Dundee based entrepreneurs and our experience working with volunteers we anticipate the web based system will provide a smooth interface to volunteer locally as well as accessing support.

The award-winning duo from GoRoadie have launched a new platform that helps vulnerable people connect automatically with approved volunteers to help them during this difficult time.
Barry White and Michael Carr from GoRoadie, have launched to help anyone in need so they can use the website to request someone to pick up their shopping, prescriptions, walk their dog or even to have a simple phone call.

“As we saw those around us struggle with getting help when they needed it and they didn’t know where to turn – we also realised that volunteer organisations are overrun with people wanting to help” Explains co-founder Michael Carr. “We have done similar work on GoRoadie, so we wanted to build a service that can examine requests from vulnerable people and automatically match them with the right volunteer – allowing more people to be helped and faster.”

The duo partnered with Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action (DVVA) who piloted the system with an initial 50 volunteers.

DVVA have been utilising the system to ensure prospective volunteers have uploaded personal identification so that they can be verified, giving peace of mind to vulnerable people using the system to find assistance.

Anita Jamieson, Volunteer and Organisational Development Manager at DVVA said: “We know that this time can be unsettling for people and it can feel like it’s not clear what we can do to help. From delivering groceries to a vulnerable person or having a chat over the phone we know that volunteers can make a massive difference and we’ve been delighted to see how many Dundonians want to get involved. will allow even more volunteers to get involved as well as crucially more people being supported.”

The system offers a feedback mechanism so that those accessing support are able to provide feedback to and DVVA about how they found using the service, at any time.

This is the second product that has been built by Dundee Entrepreneurs Barry and Michael. They are also known for building GoRoadie, helping connect learner drivers with driving instructors. That venture is currently raising a seed round of investment.