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Consultation: Independent Living Centre … Consultation on home adaptations and equipment for people with disabilities

Dundee & Angus Health & Social Care Partnerships have been working together to provide equipment to help people with disabilities live independently. Now they have published a consultation on a new set of draft rules which will guide their decision making.

As an example, they want to know if people can easily understand and agree with the rules on Portable Ramps …

Portable ramps will be recommended following assessment where due to your disability you:

  •  Will require use of a ramp for a short term or occasional use only; and
  •  Have a property in which a portable ramp can be safely fitted i.e. suitable gradient

Please note:

  •  You must have someone who is able to lift and position the portable ramp safely as they are not recommended to be left in position when not in use.
  •  You must have suitable space to enter/ exit the portable ramp.
  •  There are various designs of portable ramps available.

You can find a link to the new rules (“JOINT CRITERIA FOR THE PROVISION OF EQUIPMENT IN THE HOMES OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES WHO LIVE IN DUNDEE AND ANGUS”) and the survey on the front page of, the website of the Dundee & Angus Independent Living Centre.