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News: Covid-19 Information Update

Dundee Volunteert and Voluntary Action


There is a daily meeting chaired by David Martin, Chief Executive, Dundee City Council that discusses the contingencies and risks around the current Covid-19 crisis. This is a fast-moving group that looks at solutions to mitigate any risks that the discussions at the moment centre round.  Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action (DVVA) represent Dundee’s Third Sector on the group.

Free Phone Number: 0300 123 1403

What do we mean by shielding:
Dundee City Council is launching a new helpline on Friday 3rd April 2020 that will provide lifeline support and supplies for vulnerable people who have been advised to shield themselves against corona virus, but have no way to access services. (Copy letter can be viewed here: CMO Letter to Patients – 26 March Final)

The Freephone number will allow those who have been identified by Scotland’s chief medical officer because of specific health conditions to speak to advisers, who will then be able to target emergency aid directly.

This could include the urgent delivery of food, hygiene products and medicines if the person taking shielding precautions has no other method to access these vital supplies.

The council is encouraging shielded people to seek the assistance of family and close friends first wherever possible, always following the Government advice to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. However, if they feel they need urgent crisis support, they can contact the helpline.

It is expected that in the face of a deteriorating situation, more and more people will need assistance and so the scope of the helpline could extend in the future.

The new number is the latest development in Dundee’s response to the emergency.

Community Support Centres

There have already been eight Community Support Centres established across Dundee, which are now open for childcare for children of key workers, and identified vulnerable young people.

As the crisis progresses, these centres will provide a range of coordinated support to assist people in their local community.  They will serve as local focal points for distribution and outreach services, as well as allowing the council to identify where intervention is needed. The centres are not open to the public.
Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action have worked with Dundee Partnership to co-ordinate the recruitment and deployment of volunteers from the centres.

Food Distribution Centre
In addition, planning is well underway for emergency food distribution with the former Michelin site now designated as a central distribution facility for this operation.

The council is exploring methods of helping families who qualify for school clothing grants with free school meal entitlement from April 13, which would have been the start of the new term.

A single point of contact internet portal is being launched at  to help provide a joined-up response in the wider Tayside local resilience partnership area, which includes Angus and Perth & Kinross.

SCVO Covid-19 Information

SCVO have a good daily update for the Sector at:

You can also sign up for their bulletin at:

A Coronavirus Information Hub for the sector covering a number of key information areas:

Open Funds

Third Sector Resilience Fund

This fund is open and can be accessed through the SCVO Coronavirus Hub:

Awaiting Further Information: It is not clear how these funds will be accessed by organisations but we will update you when we hear.

Supporting Communities Fund

Scottish Government has made a £40m fund available to community organisations including those that are not registered charities to support small scale community resilience.  The fund will be allocated through community anchor organisations that are already playing a key active role in providing services within the community and will likely have established networking and connections through the communities.

Wellbeing Fund

Scottish Government has made a £50m Wellbeing Fund available.  The fund is to enable national and local action by third sector organisations to reach the most vulnerable groups.
The fund will identify and support community led responses to COVID – 19 in their area and identify vulnerable groups to take proactive action to ensure that there are responses to support them.

Scottish Welfare Fund

An additional £40 million has been made available for the Scottish Welfare Fund to assist local authorities in meeting increased demands for Crisis and Community Care grants. £22 million will be issued first with the balance used in response to coronavirus hotspots.

Food Fund

Scottish Government is putting in place a £70 million Food Fund to help ensure everyone has access to food at this time, including at-risk groups and older people, as well as ensuring provision is in place for families in receipt of free school meals.