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News: Covid-19 Vaccine for Third Sector Workers delivering frontline healthcare

Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action are working with the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership to highlight information about the Covid-19 Vaccine for specific Third Sector Workers who are currently delivering frontline healthcare.

The order in which people will be offered the vaccine is based on advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). Included in priority level 2 are Patient facing, frontline healthcare workers as detailed below.

JCVI Priority Group
2 Patient facing, frontline healthcare workers. Staff who have frequent face-to-face clinical contact with patients and who are directly involved in patient care in either secondary or primary care/community settings. This includes doctors, dentists, midwives and nurses, vaccinators, paramedics and ambulance drivers, pharmacists, optometrists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, radiographers and any associated support staff of independent contractors. It should include those working in public, private, third sector and non-standard healthcare settings such as hospices, and community-based mental health or addiction services. It should include Healthcare Improvement Scotland inspectors who are required to visit premises. Temporary staff, including those working in the COVID-19 vaccination programme, students, trainees and volunteers who are working with patients must also be included.

You can view the full JCVI Priority List as part of the COVID 19 Vaccine Deployment Plan. You can also visit

If you or your workforce are working in a non-standard healthcare setting and have any queries, get in touch by emailing with a brief outline of your role or that of your workforce. This information will be shared with the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership who will assess the query in line with Priority Level 2.

Information will continue to be shared as the vaccine is rolled out through the priority list. For more information about the vaccine you can visit and view this Information Leaflet.