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News: PPE Distribution for Social Care Providers, Unpaid Carers and Personal Assistants – Local Guidance

On 23rd April 2020 the Scottish Government issued new guidance regarding the distribution of PPE to social care providers, unpaid carers and personal assistants. This guidance is attached in full, however the main changes were that from Monday 27th April 2020:

  • local Hubs will be the primary model for distribution of PPE supplies to the whole social care sector; and,
  • that the Hubs will extend their provision to include unpaid / family carers and personal assistants.

The new guidance from Government continues to emphasise that all providers should try to source their own stock of PPE, but where this fails or provides an inadequate supply that hubs will provide PPE to the whole care sector.

Colleagues from across Dundee HSCP have been working to make the necessary arrangements for the local implementation of this new guidance. Attached to this update is a copy of the guidance that all social care providers, unpaid carers and personal assistants should follow with immediate effect to access PPE from the Dundee Hub (located at the West District Housing Office) where their own supply chains have failed / are inadequate. The guidance is accompanied by a simple stock request form – within the form there are instructions for completion and instructions are also attached as a separate document. We would request that all providers ensure that the form is fully completed prior to submission. Incomplete forms will be sent back to you for revision.

The arrangements set out in the attached guidance are accessible to social care providers based within Dundee only. Similar arrangements are in place across all HSCP, providers based out-with Dundee should access PPE through the relevant local hub.

Please take time to read through the guidance and familiarise yourself with the stock request form. If you have any queries about these documents please send these to Please DO NOT send request forms to this address – they must go directly to

We would also appreciate if providers who have contact with unpaid carers and personal assistants support our efforts to communicate these arrangements to them; please pass on this information and guidance to any unpaid carers or personal assistants who you are in contact with.

Public Guidance Update 18th May 2020

Letter – PPE to Social Care Settings

PPE Social Care Provider Hub Guidance 290420

V4 PPE-NSS Stock Request Form