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News: Shopping Service Steps Up to New Challenges

Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action were concerned to hear about the number of older and vulnerable people who should be shielding going out to the bank as they were worried they wouldn’t be able to get their shopping done if they didn’t have cash, so have developed a new ‘shopping by invoice’ option to add to the range of other payment options available.

Nicola Mitchell, Older Peoples Services Development Officer said: “I would urge any older or vulnerable person self-isolating for 12 weeks who needs help to get in their food shopping because they are following the government advice, to contact our Dial OP telephone helpline in the first instance and we will arrange for your shopping to be carried out by one of our Get Local Support volunteers or one of a number of other partner organisations. We are grateful to the volunteers and workers of other organisations who have stepped up and are offering a shopping service. We are working closely with them to make sure that our customers have a range of options available to suit their situation.”

It is hoped this will give older and vulnerable residents more of a choice in what shopping they can access and which supermarket it can be purchased from as they can ask for their normal ‘shopping list’ to be picked up.

Having purchased a number of prepaid cards Get Local Support volunteers will use these to purchase shopping upfront. Residents will have a shopping list dropped off to complete and sign to agree to pay for the shopping.

DVVA have set up an invoicing system to allow those who are isolating to pay for their shopping after it has been delivered in response to network members sharing they were worried about running out of cash at home and having to go out to withdraw money in order for volunteers to do their shopping for them. This is an alternative for the people who are no longer able to pay with cash and it is hoped that this will allow people to continue to get the shopping that they want without having to leave the house or put themselves at more risk.

Older People’s Champion, Councillor Lynne Short said: “I am incredibly appreciative of all the hard work carried out by DVVA and partners to design a service that understands and is specifically geared towards our older & most vulnerable citizens. Creating a way that is safe and flexible is especially important at this time”

During the remainder of the lockdown period, DVVA will provide this regular ‘shopping by invoice‘ option going live from Thursday 7th May.

If you would like a volunteer to do your shopping for you, you can arrange this either by completing the form online at: or by calling our Dial OP line, weekdays between 9am and 5pm on 01382 305757.

In addition to shopping requests, our Get Local Support volunteers are also able to collect prescriptions and drop them off to you. You can arrange this in the same manner either via Dial OP or direct at

If you call us to arrange a volunteer shop, our Dial OP call handlers will ask for your preferred method of payment. We can refer callers to a range of 3rd sector partners based on you preference such as:

The Food Train if you are over 65 and struggle to get your shopping in normally – they will set you up with an account although this may take up to 2 weeks to do;

Mid-Lin Day Care Shopping Support, Royal Voluntary Service Shop and Drop or Camperdown and Lochee Ministry if you can pay by cash or you have a voucher;

or we can arrange a Get Local Support volunteer within 0.5 miles of you, to carry out your shopping for you and then we, Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action will invoice you for payment after your shopping has been delivered.

We will have a shopping list dropped off to you for you to complete which you will be asked to sign to agree to pay for: GetLocalSupport Shopping Agreement revised 30-04-2020

Our volunteers will carry an identification card that can be shown either in hard copy or electronically on their phone: Template GLS ID Badge