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News: Sign the Pledge

Recovery Friendly Dundee is asking organisations around the city to sign a pledge, as follows …

“We believe that people should be treated with respect and dignity and that Dundee should be a city where everyone feels valued, respected and supported rather than defined by their health condition or life circumstances. Dundee should be a safe and supportive city and the efforts of people in recovery should be recognised and encouraged.” RFD Pledge Application (updated February 2019)

It’s not just a promise. Organisations may be asked to commit themselves to

  • attending an awareness session,
  • treating everyone with dignity and respect,
  • providing people with access to information and support
  • challenging negative attitudes and language that stigmatises people in recovery
  • building your awareness of what is available to support people in your area

Recovery Friendly Dundee has also put out a call to individuals and groups to answer a question in any creative way they choose … photography, art, drama, dance, music, poetry or just words. The question is …

“Based on your experience, what do you think needs to happen for Dundee to be a Recovery Friendly City?” Some of the answers which are sent in will be showcased at an event in June 2020.  Send your answer to

Although Recovery Friendly Dundee focuses mainly on substance use,  they recognise the strong links with mental health, inequality and other factors. They run Drop Ins, work with a Peer Recovery Network and deploy volunteers who are supported by Volunteer Dundee.