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Mental Health and Substance Use Engagement and Involvement

Dundee Healthy Minds Network


Dundee Healthy Minds Network is an engagement platform for people with experience of mental health challenges and their unpaid carers. Participants contribute to a collective voice, which influences the development of local mental health services and supports.

The group strives to ensure that people with lived experience of mental health difficulties have opportunities to be involved, either formally, or informally, in shaping issues that affect their lives. This includes involvement in planning, delivering and evaluating mental health services and supports in Dundee.

Our current work includes:

  • Contributing to Tayside Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Contributing to local Mental Health Strategic Planning
  • Evening and Weekend drop ins Test of Change
  • Developing an Engagement and Involvement strategy and framework
  • Growing and diversifying the membership of Healthy Minds Network

Our recent work includes:

  • Healthy Minds Network Response to Living Life Well (Easy Read) Click Here
  • Healthy Minds Network Co-Producing Crisis Response Pathways Click Here
  • Healthy Minds Network Response to Covid-19 Click Here
  • Dundee Healthy Minds Network response to Listen. Learn. Change Click Here
  • Healthy Minds Network Evening and Weekend Test of Change Click Here

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For further information please contact

Lynsey McCallum, Coordinator, Dundee Healthy Minds Network

T: 01382 305743, Mob: 07530237467 E:

Dundee Healthy Minds Network Drop-ins

Our regular HMN drop-in provides an informal and relaxed place for members to discuss and influence local mental health services and supports. In response to Covid-19 we have had to suspend our face-to-face drop ins and are instead meeting online using the video platform ‘Zoom’.

Our drop ins, whether in person or online, are a safe and non-judgemental space for people to meet and socialise with likeminded individuals. The drop-in typically includes a social element, plus a more formal part such as a meeting, event, or audience with a guest speaker. Topics are chosen by HMN members. The group run the drop-in in a co-productive way and our members influence the programme and everything that we do. Drop-ins are open to any adult who experiences mental health challenges and has registered with HMN.

As of November 2020, our online drop ins are held

Every Monday 6-7pm

Every Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm

Every Thursday 1:30-2:30pm

Every Second Saturday 12-1pm

To join one of our zoom meetings we will need to send you a link. Please get in contact if you would like to find out more and take part in our online drop in

We have put together a short guide all about zoom and how to join a meeting Click Here

For further information please contact

Louise McEwan, Mental Health Engagement Worker

T: 01382 797876, Mob: 07948239575 E:

Mental Wealth Academy

The Mental Wealth Academy seeks to create one front door for individuals and organisations who wish to make the most of lived experiences of recovery and mental health challenges

For individual participants it will provide personal learning, development, and accreditation opportunities

For organisations, networks and for it will provide access to lived experience perspectives which can strengthen community involvement, research, and decision-making.

Initially funded for one year, the project is in early stages of development, and is actively recruiting. Find out more here.

To find out more about the Mental Wealth Academy listen to their introductory podcast.

For further information please contact

Susan Matthews, Project Worker

Mob: 07948239572 E:

Third Sector Mental Health Networking

We support third sector mental health and wellbeing organisations to be active participants in the planning, review, and delivery of mental health services and supports in Dundee. 

The Third Sector Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum provides a focus for connecting voluntary sector mental health organisations across Dundee. Our meetings are held monthly.

The Forum and its members are influential in the following groups; 

  • Dundee Mental Health Strategic Planning and Commissioning Group.    
  • Dundee Suicide Prevention Strategic Planning Group 
  • Tayside Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy groups  

We seek to support cross sector collaboration and third sector leadership of developments and initiatives that improve the mental health and wellbeing of people living in Dundee. In this capacity we chair the Making Recovery Real in Dundee Partners Group and employ the development worker to support all strands of work across this partnership initiative.  

For further information please contact 

Louise Yannetta, Mental Health Network Coordinator 

T: 01382 305707, Mob: 0788951062 E: 

Making Recovery Real in Dundee 



Making Recovery Real in Dundee is a multi-partner cross sector collaboration supported by Scottish Recovery Network. It aims for a shift in power at all levels towards people with lived experience of mental health problems. The main areas of activity are sharing recovery stories and growing and supporting peer recovery in mental health.  


Making Recovery Real in Dundee: Recovery Story Sharing Film 

Making Recovery Real: ALLIANCE Webinar We were delighted to be asked to be part of the ALLIANCE Live series. This 30 minute webinar explores how the Making Recovery Real approach offers a different way of working together. It does not replace the traditional NHS treatment route but invites formal services to walk alongside local people, organisations and initiatives to design and deliver sustainable mental health support. With contributions from various people involved in the successful Making Recovery Real in Dundee partnership, Scottish Recovery Network’s Acting Director, Louise Christie chairs the webinar and Q&A. Find out more and download free resources at:

Peer Recovery Network Co-design Report Click Here

Follow us on Making Recovery Real in Dundee Facebook Page

For further information please contact

Michelle Donoghue, Peer Recovery Development Worker

T: 01382 305700, Mob: 07377788817 E:

Peer Recovery Network (Substance Use)

The Peer Recovery Network sets out to involve individuals with lived experience of problematic substance use in shaping, designing, delivering and monitoring the Recovery Orientated System of Care in Dundee. Funded by Dundee Alcohol and Drug Partnership, this project has a multi-agency steering group to oversee and direct its work.

The project provides three development posts for individuals who have their own lived experiences of addiction and recovery. Whist working towards a relevant SVQ, these Peer Workers provide support to others who are in recovery. Learning, active citizenship, volunteering, and employment are some of the outcomes individuals are achieving. Working in partnership with health services, social work, and third sector organisations, a shared long-term goal is to reduce risks of harm and the prevalence of drug and alcohol related deaths in the city.


Chit Chat Recovery Support Line

The Peer Recovery Network also provide a recovery support line for anyone struggling with their recovery. The line is manned by individual with lived experience who understand the barriers and challenges you face with recovery.

The line is open Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm Weekends 12 to 2pm

You can access the phone line on 01382797875

Follow us on The Peer Recovery Network Facebook Page



For further information please contact
Penny Lorimer, Peer Recovery Coordinator

Tel no: 07719957849 E:

Mental Health and Substance Use Resources:

Mental Health Organisations in Dundee

Mental Health Organisations in Dundee July 2019

For information about community-based services and activities in Dundee that can promote and support wellbeing, or help with some of the causes of poor mental wellbeing, click here:My Wellbeing. 

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