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Mental Health


Mental Health Service User Involvement

To co-ordinate and promote the active involvement of people who have experience of mental health challenges in planning, delivering  and evaluating mental health services and supports.

Work activities:

  • Establish and sustain relationships with groups of people to develop reference groups/panels across Dundee
  • Co-ordinate a range of strategies to involve people in planning, delivering, and reviewing services at local level
  • Build the capacity of people to be involved and provide direct support for people when representing issues on relevant strategic planning and service development agendas
  • Develop means of communication to engage with people who are socially isolated or experience barriers to involvement
  • Work effectively with partnerships of key organisations at local level to promote involvement
  • Keep up to date with legislation and policy changes that affect people and disseminate in appropriate formats
  • Actively pursue consultation/involvement by linking people with existing opportunities

Latest Involvement Reports

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Healthy Minds Network Co-Producing Crisis Response Pathways Click Here

Healthy Minds Network Response to Covid-19 Click Here

To read the SUN report on engagement for the Independent Review into Mental Health Services in Tayside please Click Here

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For more information contact Lynsey McCallum- 01382 305743 or email

Find out more about Dundee Healthy Minds Network

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East End Mental Health Project

The 2011 Census shows that East End in Dundee
 have the highest rate 81 per 1,000 population
(aged 16-64)  of people with a Mental Health

Dundee Voluntary Action’s new innovative Mental Wellbeing project in the East End of Dundee will promote the active involvement of people who have experience of mental health conditions in planning, shaping and evaluating the services. This will be done by establishing reference groups and outreach work. It is acknowledged that, the East End locality have the highest rate of mental health conditions in Dundee. This project will enable mental health issues that are identified by the public locally, to be raised with the service providers for attention.

This Project will involve:
Engagement with socially isolated population.
Activities to improve and maintain your mental Health and wellbeing.
Consultation on Mental Health issues/services.
Actively pursue involvement by linking people with existing opportunities.

For further information please contact
Louise McEwan
Mental Health Engagement Worker
Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action, Number Ten
10 Constitution Road, Dundee, DD1 1LL
T: 01382 305700, Mob: 07948239575


Mental Health Networking

Remit: To support the involvement of voluntary sector mental health organisations in the planning, review, and delivery of mental health services in Dundee.


Promoting voluntary sector mental health and wellbeing services and activities.

For information about community based services and activities in Dundee that can promote and support wellbeing, click here: My Wellbeing.

Supporting cross-sector collaboration.

“Its All About The Break” is a Public Social Partnership project which aims to redesign the Short Breaks service for people with substantial mental health care and support needs and their unpaid carers. Interested individuals and organisations are invited to join us in shaping these new services.

Find out more in our report, It’s All About the Break.

The leaflet explaining how to apply for a break can be downloaded here. Carers flyer

Short Breaks Funding Application

Making Recovery Real: We were delighted to be asked to be part of the ALLIANCE Live series. This 30 minute webinar explores how the Making Recovery Real approach offers a different way of working together. It does not replace the traditional NHS treatment route but invites formal services to walk alongside local people, organisations and initiatives to design and deliver sustainable mental health support. With contributions from various people involved in the successful Making Recovery Real in Dundee partnership, Scottish Recovery Network’s Acting Director, Louise Christie chairs the webinar and Q&A. Find out more and download free resources at:

“Making Recovery Real in Dundee” is a multi-partner cross sector collaboration supported by Scottish Recovery Network. It aims for a shift in power at all levels towards people with lived experience of mental health problems. The focus of the work in the first year will be creating Peer lead Recovery Story-sharing groups in various settings. This project has attracted funding from NHS Tayside Community Innovation Fund and Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Integrated Care Small Grants Fund. With the balance of funding being contributed by Dundee Voluntary Action and Scottish Recovery Network, we are currently recruiting a Project Worker to start early 2017, initially for 1 year.

The action plan for the year can be seen here, One Year Outline Plan.


Mental Health Strategic Planning and Commissioning Group

The group is made up of senior service managers from NHS Tayside Mental Health Services and Dundee City Council along with representatives of carer and service user groups and the Voluntary Sector Mental Health Service Providers Forum . This group is responsible for developing and leading the mental health and wellbeing strategy for Dundee. The voluntary sector representatives are Ruth Brown and Lynsey McCallum, (DVA), Ashleigh McCloud of Penumbra, and Shona Laidlaw of Dundee Independent Advocacy Support. The dates of the meetings for 2017 have not yet been notified.


Assisting local mental health organisations with capacity building

Examples of our work with groups include helping to promote the group, getting it established, or facilitating organisational development. We can point you in the direction of useful information and resources or undertake a short period of face to face support where required.

Find our more about the Mental Health Network

For more information contact Ruth Brown: 01382 305722 or email




Mental Health Organisations in Dundee

MH volorgs rev July 19


Recovery Road Map

20180724 RecoveryRoadMap


Tayside Mental Health Service Independent Enquiry

Third Sector Roundtable- 30 Aug 18

TS Roundtable Car Park

The Terms of Reference describe the purpose and scope of the Inquiry

Tayside Engagement Report 03.12.18 v2


Providers forum pdf.docx

Peer Recovery Network -22 June 2018


Dundee Third Sector Mental Health Forum: Wed 20th Feb at the Circle, Staffa Place, Dundee




Strategic Planning Group

Feedback from MHSPG 27 June18

MH SPG- 22 Aug 18

MH Strategic Plan approved by IJB 2019-2024

Know_the_Impact_st4 (2)

Agenda Suicide Prevention SPG 29th January 2019 FINAL

Updated TMASRG Report 2017


Mental Health and Learning Disability Service Redesign Transformation Programme Issue 11 June 2018

Supported decision making report 

Dundee Safe Place Initiative Feedback



Penumbra-Dundee Carers application (word 97-2003)

Penumbra-Dundee NOVA Application Form

Penumbra NOVA Risk Assessment-to be completed by referrer

Penumbra Dundee annual review 2017-18

Penumbra Wellbeing Point timetable Feb 2019


SAMH Chrysalis

Duntrune Events Programme 2018 – FINAL

risk assessment

referral form