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Postponed … Dundee SmartCare 2020 – 25 March, Bonar Hall, Dundee University

The fifth Dundee SmartCare has been postponed until further notice. We expect to reschedule for an autumn date. This is what it will feature, all going to plan.

healthcare apps … the kind you use on your smartphone for physical and mental health

The Alliance’s Once for Scotland local and national directory is developing fast … they call it aliss

We’ve invited app developers Waracle to do some futurology

Smart homes are in fashion … Geraldine from TEC in Housing will explain. And Alexa will be along later.

Can you use sensors to prevent people falling?

We’ll also round up recent developments in Dundee, where we’ve had success in using online outpatient appointments, home blood pressure monitors and new technology in dietetics.

When the event is over, we’ll upload presentations and videos on this page. If you want to exhibit, or have any queries, call Jimmy Black, Conference Organiser, on 01382 305702 or email Jimmy Black on


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09:15 Diane McCulloch, Head of Service, Health & Community Care, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership, welcomes delegates.

09:30 Stuart Beveridge, seescape – Alexa! Help Me Live Independently! 

10:00 Paul O’Donnell and Brian Brown of ARMED – Using TEC to Predict and Prevent Falls

10:45 Refreshment Break and Exhibitions

11:15 (please choose the option you want on the day)

Option One – Angela Fulton, Engagement Manager, ALISS ,  Greg Fenton, Manager, DFC In The Community Trust and Dr Viola Marx, Green Health Partnership Coordinator, Dundee City Council/ NHS Tayside … “Saving Time, Saving Duplication, Finding What You Need in Scotland’s Local and National Directory”

Option Two – PASS … Duncan Campbell of everyLIFE  Technologies Ltd on Digital Care Planning, Care Management and Monitoring

12:00 Pete Gordon, Chief Operating Officer, Waracle … Trends in Digital Healthcare

12:45 Lunch, Exhibitions and videos

13:30 Geraldine Begg, Technology Enabled Care in Housing “Vital Partners – Housing, Health and Social Care”

14:15 George Kowalski, ORCHA. “327,000 healthcare apps … ORCHA helps GPs and other clinicians find the tiny percentage of apps that really work.” 

15:00 Shona Burge, Angus Health & Social Care Partnership and Sheilagh MacFarlane, Westgate … “Scaling up Blood Pressure Monitoring with Florence

15:30 Jacqueline Walker, Nicola Hutchinson & Rhonda Manning … “Digital Nutrition and Dietetic Solutions”

16:00 Ross Jamieson, Ashley Bertie, NHS Tayside e-health … “Online outpatient appointments with Near Me

16:30 Ends

Jacqueline Walker
Jacqueline Walker

Geraldine Begg, TEC in Housing

Diane McCulloch
Diane McCulloch, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership

Alison Fulton of aliss
Alison Fulton of aliss

Pete Gordon of Waracle
Pete Gordon, Chief Operating Officer at Waracle

Duncan Campbell, Director, everyLIFE
Duncan Campbell, Director, everyLIFE

Shona promotes Florence
Shona Burge of Angus Health and Social Care Partnership promotes Florence

Brian Brown of ARMED

George Kowalski

Ross Jamieson, eHealth, NHS Tayside