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Celebrate Age Network Forum

The aims of Celebrate Age Network (CAN) is to:

  • promote the involvement of older people in the planning, development and monitoring of services across different sectors.
  • actively pursue consultation/involvement opportunities for older people by linking them with existing statutory and independent services and resources.
  • explore how older people, including those who are socially isolated, want to ‘have their say’, i.e. forum/panel/action group/issue based, and develop a range of mechanisms to achieve this.
  • build feedback loops for information to be relayed back to older people.
  • improve socialisation and access to learning opportunities for older people, by enhancing activities and support, where appropriate to the project.

If you are over 50 years of age, live within the Dundee City Council boundaries and wish to know more about the project and how you can get involved, please contact Nicola Mitchell


Summer 2016

Spring 2017

Winter 2017