Meet The Team

Corporate Services

Christina Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Ailsa McAllister

Deputy CEO

Alice Kirkwood

Finance Manager

Faith McDonald

HR Advisor

Robyn Donoghue

Funding Coordinator

Daniel Hiddleston

Communications Officer

Fiona Gilmore

Office Manager

Drew Greenwood

Administration Assistant

Harry Gordon


Karen Gwynne


Janice Leitch


Lisa Thomson

Administration Assistant


Lali Tudela

Communities Manager

Jud Clark

Volunteering and Engagement Coordinator

Anne Leslie

Community Engagement and Development Worker

Phillipa Lyttle

Governance and Organisational Development Co-ordinator

Zach Isabella

Youth Volunteering Development Worker

David Baker

Good Governance Programmes Assessor

Graeme Sim

Information and Communications Assistant

Heather Wilkins

Gendered Services Project Manager

Katie Angus

Community Planning Coordinator

Community Hubs

Pam McLaughlin

Communities Hubs Manager

Mhairi Cormack

Community Hub Coordinator

Ross Middlemiss

Community Hub Coordinator

Shelby Douglas

Community Hubs Development Worker

Joe Good

Development Worker

Audrie Taylor

Discoverin' Families Worker

Billie-Rae Dolan

North East Project Youth and Families Project Worker

Erin Lees

Recovery Programme Coordinator

Social Isolation

Clare Cockburn

Manager - Social Isolation

Brenda Douglas

Community Companions Development Worker

Gill Faichney

DialOP & Go Development Worker

Christine Landsburgh

Social Isolation Project Worker

Jim Dallas

One Stop Shop Coordinator

Isabelle Struckmeier

Social Isolation Project Worker

Erman Maglalang

Participation and Engagement Coordinator

Annie Wynne

Green Health Project Worker

Hope Busak

Green Health Project Coordinator

Mental Health and Substance Use Engagement and Involvement

Ruth Brown

Manager - Mental Health & Substance Use

Claire Johnstone

Manager - Mental Health & Substance Use

Lynsey McCallum

Mental Health Service User Involvement Coordinator

Vardhini Rajagopal

Mental Health Engagement Worker

Kevin Hamil

Peer Recovery Development Worker

Frankie McKittrick

Engagement Worker, Mental Wealth Academy

Maria Chonkova

Communication and Engagement Worker

Gabriel Calvert

Recovery Network Coordinator

Rosie Wilkinson

Recovery Engagement Worker

Megan McKay

Recovery Engagement Worker

Board Members

Read more about our Board of Trustees here.

Martin Manzi


Jeff Hope

Sarah Huque

Pat Malone

Vanessa Martin

Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

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