British Liver Trust – Liver Health Awareness

I have recently taken up a post with the British Liver Trust, as an outreach development officer. Although based in Aberdeenshire, my remit is wide, and I am particularly keen to make links in your area.

The aim of my role is predominantly to raise awareness of liver disease and liver cancer, to promote the services we have to offer at the British Liver Trust for people living with and affected by liver disease, and to work with local providers and organisations to improve access to services on the ground.

The British Liver Trust are the leading UK liver charity for adults, and we lead the fight against liver disease and liver cancer. The reason why we are so passionate about raising awareness is that there is currently a liver disease crisis in the UK, since 1970 deaths due to liver disease have increased by 400%.  Every day, over 40 people die from liver disease in the UK.

  • Liver disease is the third leading cause of premature death in the UK
  • Three quarters of people are currently diagnosed at a late stage when it is too late for lifestyle changes or intervention
  • Together alcohol, excess bodyweight, and viral hepatitis are behind 9 in 10 cases of liver disease and could be preventable

We can help to change these statistics if we can reach more individuals to help to educate and raise awareness about the importance of looking after the liver.


We deliver a range of free support for any individuals affected by a liver condition, which includes:

We can also deliver liver health awareness talks and an introduction to our services, to staff for their wellbeing, to organisations and to the general public and have a range of awareness resources which we can share, including leaflets and posters.


I’d be very happy to meet either in person or online with any organisation to answer questions or arrange a visit/attend events. If you are interested in finding out more, please email me at



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