Community Wellbeing Centre Naming Events!

Community Wellbeing Centre Naming Events!


We are pleased that we are now at a point where can move to naming the Community Wellbeing Centre (CWC).   Penumbra colleagues will be moving into the Centre at South Ward Road during the week of Monday 26th June, and a soft launch is planned for the week beginning 31st July.  This means that we are close enough to the launch point to make a decision about the naming of the CWC element of service which will operate within the building.


In the naming process, it makes sense for us to harness as much creative potential as possible.  This is a centre for all the citizens of Dundee.  A place where we want people to feel confident that they will be welcomed into an environment where compassion underpins every interaction.  A place that is calm and homely, instils hope and ensures that people experiencing emotional distress feel there is someone by their side, helping them navigate the world when it feels overwhelming.   A place where lived experience, and the strengths that this brings, matters.


When we want the CWC to achieve so much, it seems a little daunting to choose a name, especially knowing how much it will be talked about and how important it is for the City.  Thankfully, Dundee is recognised for its creativity and for people being able to come together and work productively towards a common goal.


We need to harness the thoughts of as many of the citizens of the City as possible: those who have experienced emotional distress, those who have helped friends and loved ones at these times and those who have not yet needed to ask for help.    We all know what it is to be human and none of us are immune to life experiences and the effects that these have.


Together, therefore, we need to come up with a name that will be known throughout the City and will fit what we want to achieve in the future as much as it fits the present.  A name that sticks in people’s minds as the place where help and hope go hand-in-hand.


The existing CWC Stakeholder Group are therefore looking to engage the public to generate a short-list of suitable names.  That short-list will then be considered by a smaller group of people from the Stakeholder Group, Dundee City Council and Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership.


We are holding a number of engagement events, to allow you to give your views, opinions and suggestions on the name of the CWC and memorial tributes. You can find information relating to these events below, please do join us in the conversation!

Please note, if you cannot attend any of these events, but would still like to contribute your ideas- you can do so by completing this survey – or alternatively please send any ideas via email to, to ensure these are included in the conversations.

You only need to attend one of these events.


In person event:

Thursday 29th June, 1pm to 2.30pm – held in Central Baptist Church, Ward Road, Dundee – no need to register, just turn up!


Online event:

Wednesday 5th July, 6pm – 7.30pm – held by Microsoft teams. To register for this event please follow the link to this Eventbrite to receive joining information –  Community Wellbeing Centre Naming Event Tickets, Wed 5 Jul 2023 at 18:00 | Eventbrite


Online event:

Tuesday 11th July, 1pm – 2.30pm – held by Microsoft teams. To register for this event, please follow the link to this Eventbrite to receive joining information- Community Wellbeing Centre Naming Event Tickets, Tue 11 Jul 2023 at 13:00 | Eventbrite


In person event:

Wednesday 19th July, 6pm to 7.30pm – held in CWC, within The Centre@SWR, South Ward Road, Dundee, DD11PN – no need to register, just turn up!


If you are unable to attend our events, or wish to contribute your ideas virtually- you can do so by completing this survey

Finally, it is important that we take time here to continue to acknowledge the many people and families in Dundee who have campaigned for this CWC.  Most of those people and families have experienced loved ones taking their lives.  It is our intent to find some way within the centre – for example possibly through art work – to mark the loss of all citizens of Dundee who have lost someone close in this way.   This will allow us to keep a focus on having a name for the centre that reflects hope and what we are trying to achieve in turning people away from suicide when experiencing emotional distress.   Knowing, however, that we are building on that legacy of loss deserves as much thought and consideration as the building name.   We also, therefore, are looking for your help (again) in co-producing a fitting acknowledgement of all those lost in this way.


Attached are some questions that may help to frame your contributions, we look forward to hearing your suggestions.

CWC Q’s (003)
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