Do You Have Fond Memories of Baxter Park?

Baxter Park was gifted to the people of Dundee by Sir David Baxter at it’s opening in 1863. Since then the Park has seen many visitors and has become affectionately known as Dundonian’s Big Back Garden.

The Big Back Garden Project is a collaboration between DVVA, University of Dundee Archives, Boomerang, Stobswell Forum and Maryfield Empowerment Team. The aim is to gather stories from the people of Dundee about their experiences and memories of Baxter Park and record these in the University of Dundee Archives. It is hoped that others will read these archives and be encouraged to visit the Park and see it from a fresh perspective.

We are holding a Chatterbox event on 19th May at Baxter Park Activities Centre, 3.30pm – 6.30pm where the people of Dundee can share their memories of the Park. We will be asking how they used the Park in the past, what the best thing about the Park is, and suggestions of how they would like to see it develop for the future. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For those that can’t make the event, Volunteers will be in the Park on the few days before to speak to people who are using the Park today and ask them to share their experiences. Dates and times are as follows:

16th May 10am – 12noon
17th May 4pm – 6pm
18th May 12noon – 2pm.

See leaflet below. Fore more information, contact Zach Isabella at DVVA at [email protected]


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