Dundee Community Transport: Trustees


Secretary Role




  • Write minutes from board meetings and AGMS (attendance, discussions, and actions)


  • Circulate minutes from board meetings/AGM in a timely manner


  • To edit and resend minutes if any inaccuracies reported by board members


  • To attend and contribute to discussion and decisions made at board meetings


Skills and Competencies


  • Good listener who can keep up with discussions at meetings/AGM


  • Ability to write an accurate account of attendance, discussion and actions mentioned at meetings


  • Ability to write up minutes in a structured format that makes sense (i.e. not using jargon/acronyms, highlighting actions in bold)


  • Ability to use Microsoft Word to type up minutes


  • Ability to use email to circulate completed minutes to board members.

Dundee Community Transport SCIO

Scottish Charity Number: SCO36755

Registered Address Number 10, 10 Constitution Road, Dundee, DD1 1LL

Email: [email protected]

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