Falls Prevention Ambassadors

In the last year, lockdown and restrictions on people meeting, general fears and uncertainties have meant that people have stayed at home, with the knock-on effect that their strength and balance has decreased and coupled with an icy winter means there has been a marked increase in falls.

We wish to establish a more cohesive approach to helping people prevent falls and recover from a fall, whether that be in encouraging balance and strength actions, advice leaflets or signposting to services that work within this field. Previous activities within this area of work had to be halted because of lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

In order to tackle this in our current environment, we are seeking willing volunteers to get involved, share experiences with peers, plan and support the steps needed to take things forward.

There are a variety of roles for Falls Prevention Ambassadors including a steering group which will be instrumental in gathering info and sharing with all concerned.

Find out more about these opportunitiesĀ here.

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