New Year’s Resolution 2022

If you have still to decide on a New Year’s Resolution for 2022 then why not make it ‘Volunteering’? Around 1 in 4 adults in Dundee volunteer and there are many charities and voluntary organisations looking for volunteers just now.

Volunteering generally involves giving a couple of hours a week without financial reward to a charity or other good cause. We advertise volunteering opportunities on behalf of these organisations and you can search our online database for a role that matches your requirements here.

We believe that volunteering is a 2 way process where both the organisation and the volunteer benefit. This can be through staying active, feeling good about yourself, making friends, developing skills, getting a reference and so on. Young people aged under 26 can also gain certificates to demonstrate their achievements through the Saltire Awards.

Charity shops raise funds for their organisations’ work and are a good way of getting all round retail skills. But there is a lot more to choose from. Volunteering with children and young people, driving, museums, practical work, caring for the elderly, the environment, foodbanks and other food provision, or joining the Board of an organisation as a trustee to name a few.

The pandemic has seen an increase in loneliness and isolation and we are particularly needing volunteers to help with this. As a befriender, you are matched with someone of similar interests. Then you meet regularly to do things in the community together, like going to a sports match, shopping, going for a coffee and a chat or other activity. Volunteering from the comfort of your own home, volunteers are also in demand to make weekday morning welfare calls to isolated and vulnerable people to check they are ok, or longer weekly friendship calls.

If you would like to volunteer to help the Covid Booster Programme, email your contact details to [email protected] and we will be in touch.

If every volunteer was to be paid the Real Living Wage, we estimate that this would be worth £36.5 million a year to the Dundee economy.

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