Public Health Scotland – Benefits of NHS Outdoor Estate in Scotland

As you may be aware NHS Scotland Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy requires heath boards to undertake a natural capital assessment of their land. Natural Capital Assessments provide a way of measuring the value of land based on factors including the environment, health benefits and biodiversity. Public Health Scotland and NatureScot on behalf of the national NHS Greenspace and Biodiversity workstream have therefore commissioned work to establish a methodology for valuing the health and wellbeing benefits of the NHS outdoor estate which health boards can consequently use to assist with their own Natural Capital Assessments.


To support this process we are using this survey to understand the existing uses of the NHS estate for health and wellbeing and who uses the estate for these purposes. We are aware that uses of the estate are likely to be wide ranging and may include for work, play and recreation and that users also extend beyond our own NHS staff to individuals and the wider community. We would therefore ask for your support in disseminating the survey widely among your networks to reach as many relevant partners as possible.

We are looking for your support and help in the completion and dissemination of the below short survey looking at the uses and users of our NHS Outdoor estate. We are looking for responses by 6th March.


Health and Wellbeing Benefits of NHS Outdoor Estate in Scotland (


Guidance for completing the survey – Responses by 6th March


  • The survey should take no more than a few minutes to complete
  • You can complete as few or as many questions as you wish
  • You do not need to complete one question to be able to move to the next question
  • The survey has been designed so that you do not need to refer to records or other sources of information
  • You are not required to give your name or any other personal identifiable information
  • The survey is designed to capture a broad picture of the users and users of the NHS outdoor estate so detailed information is not required
  • All information provided will be managed in accordance with GDPR requirements

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