Cats Protection – Lifeline Fostering


At Cats Protection, we offer a free and confidential fostering service for cats whose families are fleeing domestic abuse so they can rest assured their cat will be taken care of until they can be safely reunited. Referrals are handled by a specialist and experienced team, who support owners referring to the service, arrange to collect cats, and organise foster placements through a wonderful network of dedicated Lifeline volunteers.

By fostering with Lifeline, you’ll be helping us to support someone in need of a temporary home for their cat. We’ll cover all costs so all you need to do is provide a loving home for your foster cat and send us lots of photos so we can give their owner updates. Fostering with our service is completely confidential, so you won’t actually know anything about the owner and they also won’t know your identity either. All communication goes through our dedicated Lifeline team to maintain anonymity. Before applying, please make sure you have no other pets (we can’t guarantee your foster cat will like the company of other cats or dogs!) and either own your own property or have written permission from your landlord/housing provider to foster cats.

Find out more here: Volunteer as a fosterer | Lifeline | Cats Protection

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