Community Heat Development Programme

Community Heat Development Programme

Do you have an idea for a climate-friendly way to heat your community?

Support is available for communities and groups of householders across Scotland to develop their ideas about collaborative, low carbon heat projects to tackle climate change.

The Community Heat Development Programme, funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Local Energy Scotland, is a learning programme, to help communities and groups of householders to work together to heat homes and other buildings in their communities in a more environmentally friendly way.

Local Energy Scotland has been receiving applications from across Scotland and will be delighted to consider yours.

Expert advisors will work with successful applicants to test their ideas and develop feasible options to change the way buildings are heated. The programme won’t pay to install energy efficiency measures or renewable technologies such as heat pumps. Successful applicants will also receive advice on next steps, including any potential routes for further funding.

Find out more about the Community Heat Development Programme.

Community heat development programme · Local Energy Scotland

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