G’s Fall Story

G is a 55-year-old who has been working with his current organisation for 14 years, he lives on his own and has no children.

G smokes, and feels that recently his smoking has steadily been increasing. This has led him to develop blocked arteries which results in him having difficulties walking for long periods of time.

On a dark winter’s evening, G was walking to his local store, (around 800 yards from his flat) where he is also a regular. He managed to make his way there, but during his stroll, his right leg was gradually growing numb. Nevertheless, G managed to arrive at the store to purchase some groceries. On his way back however, the sensation in his right leg began to further deteriorate.

Suddenly, G’s leg gave way as he collapsed to the ground. The blocked arteries were causing a temporary loss of sensation. At this moment G couldn’t contact anyone as he left his phone at home, he felt very distressed, miserable, and isolated, in the sense that he felt no-one could help him. Thankfully, there was a good Samaritan walking by who saw G fall, and helped him back to his flat.

Yet, in the coming days, G suffered a massive hit to his confidence in going outside. This resulted in him feeling further emotionally stranded from his friends and family as he views himself as quite an independent individual. He decided to keep this to himself, instead of talking about it, in a bid to try and retain normality.

Until one day, when he managed to tell one of his co-workers about his falls. His co-worker gave him advice in adapting his walking to not let his legs get to such a bad state. Now when G goes outside, he takes frequent breaks on his journeys instead of walking continually, and when he goes to his local shop, he takes a rest at a park bench to allow his legs to recover. Another change he has made, is to always take his phone with him when he goes outside. This will enable him to call for help if needed, instead of doing everything by himself.

G feels that talking about his experience enabled him to get rid of a huge burden and feels better emotionally because of it and doesn’t feel isolated anymore.

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