Let’s Talk… with Carers of Dundee

 Let’s Talk…with Carers of Dundee


Let’s Talk… is a valuable communication tool allowing organisation’s to connect and raise awareness of the work they do. Even as face to face activity becomes possible again, flyers, posters and events can only have so much reach and many people are still reluctant to go out and visit places as they used to, therefore may not see/attend them.

Everyone wants to hear what is happening in the locality/community from the support service that is of interest to them. This is where social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram,  YouTube  and  the  StreamYard   platform   brings   it   all   together. StreamYard allows social media channels to Live stream to a selected audience or to all followers of their social media platform.

The Communications Team at Dundee Carers Centre will create and carry out all technical aspects of the Let’s Talk…, which allows guests and the host to focus on the key message and any questions and answers they need prepare for.

What we will offer to organisations/agencies:

  • Be involved in initial discussions
  • Set up the broadcast
  • Create and email out link to all participants, along with guidelines
  • Prepare script
  • Design overlays to suit brand for organisation you can use your own logo
  • Banners to suit the topic with links to websites etc
  • Prepare flyer for promotion of live chat for circulation by organisation


Recording: There is a recording function, that allows you to record an interview or a key message. This can be uploaded to any social media channel and/or website and be used as a resource for you in the future.


Branding: Streamyard allows you to use your own brand on screen, we can create backgrounds and overlays to suit any organisation or agency.


Tech check: Scheduled a few days before live broadcast to ensure good wifi connections and audio. This also gives participants a feel for Streamyard and a run through before the day, putting them at ease.


Debrief & Download: We ask that participants stay on after the session has ended for a debrief and give feedback on the session. If required, sessions can be downloaded and adapted for accessibility through YouTube, which can be kept as training material or for future general use.


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If your organisation would like to be part in a Let’s Talk… or if you would like further information about it, please contact Claire at claire.monaghan@dundeecarerscentre.org.uk

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