Maxwell Garden – THE BIG GROW

Starting May 2024 – We are recruiting 100 people, families or groups to support you to GROW your own food and COOK it. We’ll also help you make your space biodiverse and/or wildlife friendly.

Any level of experience is welcome.


What you will get by joining (all free of cost):

– A growing kit with seeds, seedlings, plants and other materials you may need

– A growing plan that we will help you personalise to match your preferences, space and availability

– Borrow tools, equipment and materials for food growing and helping wildlife

– Food growing, cooking and nature workshops (18+ workshops available)

– Regular to-do list to know what to do every week and access to one-to-one advice

– Meet up socials with other participants to talk all things gardening, food and nature! These will include an Open Day event across Dundee community gardens, community food events with Big Bake Offs and  tasting sessions you can be part of

– Videos with tips and experiences from other local growers in Dundee


SPACE REQUIREMENTS – Your space can be from a window sill to an allotment, from a shared backie to a green patch on your street, we can make it work! We can also find a patch in a community garden close to you if this doesn’t work.

TIME REQUIREMENTS – If you have a few hours available each week between May and October. If you are going away for holiday you may need to get a friend to water for you whilst you are away!

CONTACT US with any questions or suggestions on 01382802628 or (Ask for Nicola, Nicky or Manuela)


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