Spotlight on Barnardo’s

Spotlight on Barnardo’s


What target groups do you help?

Children and Young People up to the age of 18 who have additional support needs and children, young people and parents who have been impacted by substance use.


And how do the volunteers help?

Volunteers help support children and young people by providing their time to help them engage with various activities, being out and about in the local community, help them to engage with their peers and build up their confidence and well-being.


What volunteer roles do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement?

We are looking for volunteers (from the age of 14+) to help with various group work roles including over the school holidays, during school hours and after school.

We are also looking for volunteers (from the age of 18+) to be befrienders and provide 1:1 support after school, early evenings and weekends to children and young people.

We are also looking for volunteers (from the age of 18+) to provide support to a child/children in the home setting which provides respite to the parents/carers at least once a month.

We are also looking for volunteers (from the age of 18+) to do mentoring with children, young people and parents.


What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you?

We are looking for volunteers who are reliable, motivated and committed to helping children and young people and families. No previous experience is essential but any experience with children and young people, with additional support needs or with individuals affected by substance use would be helpful.

What training can the volunteer expect?

Volunteers will be part of a standard induction programme which includes topics related to safeguarding, child protection, boundaries, confidentiality and health and safety. We also have additional training workshops related to mentoring and substance use.


Volunteers statement or story about why they volunteer

Volunteer HM-“I am finding my volunteering experience with Barnardos rewarding. Even though I only volunteered for a couple of days so far it has been very interesting and new as one day as a volunteer can be quite different from the last”.

Volunteer MS- “I love volunteering with Barnardo’s, you feel part of a team of amazing people supporting children and families in the area. You can be involved as much or as little as you wish there is no pressure. It’s great to be notified of all opportunities, the support and hard work that goes into such a service, and to feel a part of that. It is very rewarding and the support and training has been fantastic, forever learning, most importantly learning from the service families”.

Volunteer HL-I’ve found my role in volunteering to be very fulfilling. I especially enjoyed being around kids with additional needs as it’s gave me such enjoyment to see them enjoying what Barnardo’s has to offer”.

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