Spotlight on Dundee Museum of Transport

Spotlight on Dundee Museum of Transport

What target groups do you help?

We hope to attract visitors of all ages from all walks of life to our museum. We hold workshops and school visits for children but also talks and tours for community groups. We have a range of visitors from those who are retired to families. Volunteers at Dundee Museum of Transport have the opportunity to interact with people of all ages and abilities.  


And how do the volunteers help? 

Our volunteers help to run the museum on a daily basis by looking after front of house and our café. We have opportunities for volunteers to utilise their skills but also to learn new ones.  


What volunteer roles do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement? 

We have a number of volunteer teams here at Dundee Museum of Transport, from front of house to the build team.  

Visitor Services: this team looks after all aspects of the visitor experience from greeting visitors, ticketing, serving refreshments and explaining the exhibits. They are the face of the museum.  

Build Team: The Build Team are called on when there is anything to make, mend or fit in the museum. They turn their hand to anything, from entirely refitting and decorating an exhibit hall, to mending a lock.  

Restoration Team: The Restoration Tea are responsible for restoring any vehicles or exhibits.  

Archive Team: This team is responsible for caring for and documenting the museum’s collection.


What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you? 

We accept volunteers with a range of skills and experience and hope to find a team in which the volunteer fits best. Volunteering for us is also a good opportunity to build on current skills. We hope that those joining our Visitor Services Team would be friendly and approachable 


What training can the volunteer expect?

Our volunteers will be given the appropriate training for the team they wish to join this will include a volunteer induction.  


Volunteers statement or story –  Brian

“Volunteering is ideal for people for all sorts of reasons, mine was that I lost my Wife just before I was supposed to start a new position in Cambridge, then we were hit with covid and I found myself being at home alone with lots of time to spare. 

With a lifelong fascination with all types of transport, I was looking for a hobby/ interest to fill my days, I was informed by Lisa of Project Scotland that I should apply to become a volunteer with the Dundee Transport Museum to work along with a group of people with similar interests. 

I applied for a volunteer position and was asked along to have an informal chat with a few of the trustees. This was so they could explain what happens in the Museum both in the front of house and with the build team, also for them to ask questions about my background.  

Working in the front of house is very satisfying, this is where you welcome and meet the public with a smile when they arrive and show them around the museum when required and explain the exhibitions and the background of the museum and what we hope for the future for the Museum. This gives you a great feeling of satisfaction when you do the job, and to see them leave smiling and happy to say they intend to come back again is so satisfying. 

The build team looks after and maintains the aging building along with carrying out refurbishments when required. Jim and I are currently restoring the last Dundee Horse Drawn Tram, which was originally built in 1873 in Dundee. We expect this could take us up to two years to carry out the full restoration. During this period, we will be helped by other members of the Build team to complete the project.  

The build team is made up from a variety of backgrounds and skills and ages, from Garage Manager, Bus drivers, Joiner, labourer, Painter, ex-Police, Sign Writer, car body repairer, Electrical Director, Tech Teacher, Project Manager, University students and a lot more. Some of the group are retired and enjoy sharing their time and skills and experiences with others, regardless of each of the team members technical skills we are all learning something new from each other in a positive way. 

Both, front of house and the build team bond extremely well and have a great laugh together, and when any one of the team needs help or advise there is always someone happy to help them. 

I now look forward to the days when I go into work in the Dundee Transport Museum, as itis like meeting up with part of the family each time.” – Brian Ireland, volunteer.   







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