Spotlight on Food Train (Dundee) Ltd

Spotlight on Food Train (Dundee) Ltd


What target groups do you help? 

We support anyone over the age of 65

And how do the volunteers help?  

We could not offer the services we do without the support of volunteers.

What volunteer roles
do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement?

For our shopping service we require … shoppers, delivery drivers and drivers’ assistants.
Volunteer Befrienders also.

What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you? 

There are no skills necessary to take on a voluntary role within our charity.


What training can the volunteer expect?  

We can source and provide any training that is of interest to the volunteers that could assist them in moving on to jobs or education.


Volunteers statement or story 

By helping others in need, you take the focus off your own problems, putting into perspective how precious having a healthy, fulfilled life really is.

Volunteering presents a proactive way of doing something to make the world a better place. Even the smallest gestures make a difference. And if we all band together, those small gestures can add up to a big change!

Through volunteer work, you may overcome the personal challenges of leaving your comfort zone and doing something new with people you may not know.

Volunteering may boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. When you do something, you feel is worthwhile and valuable for your community, it gives you a sense of accomplishment that may help you feel more fulfilled about your life and any future goals.

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