Spotlight on Leisure & Culture Dundee

Spotlight on Leisure & Culture Dundee


What target groups do you help? 

We want to help people suffering with Mild/Moderate Mental Health issues i.e. stress, anxiety, depression. This is a referral programme where we are hoping that offering them the opportunity of a free 12 week physical activity/exercise intervention which will act as an addition or even an alternative to medication in some cases. 


And how do the volunteers help? 

Volunteers will act as ‘buddies’ for people referred in; to help the participants get across the threshold, act as a motivator while they are swimming or in the gym, on a walk etc. Essentially someone to chat with while participating in an activity. 


What volunteer roles do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement? 

We have:  

  1. ‘volunteer buddy’
  2. ‘gym motivator’ 


What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you? 

We are looking for people who are open, warm and have a friendly manner. Have good communication skills, are non-judgemental, are reliable and willing to undertake training on offer.  


What training can the volunteer expect? 

We have lots of training on offer, in person and electronically. We have core training (compulsory) and additional training that is completed voluntarily eg:

Mental Health First Aid Training (core training)
Health Behaviour Change (additional)
Encouraging and Enabling people to be active (additional)
Motivational Interviewing (additional)
Health Inequalities (additional)
Physical Activity and Health (additional) 

Plus lots more. 


Volunteers statement or story 

This is a brand new programme, so we are now just recruiting for this. 


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