Spotlight on Local Mental Health Organisations – ENABLE Scotland/Works Dundee

Mental Health Awareness week this year is taking place between 18th and 24th of May and this year the theme is Kindness. There are lots of brilliant organisations in Dundee who provide support for mental health, and we have reached out to some of these organisations to ask them about their work.

One of these organisations was ENABLE Scotland/Works Dundee.

Can you tell us a bit about your organisation?

ENABLE Scotland/ ENABLE Works Dundee provides supported employment.

How have you had to adapt due to Covid-19?

Our Team are still working in full capacity, from home with no face to face contact using technology to support current and new clients.

Why is mental health awareness important to your organisation?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their talents and ambitions in the workplace.

With the right support, everyone can gain the skills and confidence necessary to do this.

Do you have a favourite quote relating to mental health and positive mental wellbeing?

“Your now is not your forever.” By John Green from Turtles all the Way Down

How can you be contacted?

We can be contacted on facebook at ENABLE Works Dundee or emailed at

Additional info about ENABLE Works in Scotland available


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