Spotlight on MCR Pathways

Spotlight on MCR Pathways


What target groups do you help?  

High School pupils experiencing disadvantage.

And how do the volunteers help?

By building a positive, meaningful relationship with a young person to help them achieve their goals and explore their potential talents. Mentoring sessions take place one a week, during a school period (around 50 mins) and termly. We ask our mentors for at least one year’s commitment.   

Visit our website or attend one of our information sessions for more information: 


What volunteer roles do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement? 

Volunteer mentors – even if you personally can’t mentor yourself, we’d love to hear from you on how you could potentially support us.  


What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you? 

None – just a passion in supporting young people 


What training can the volunteer expect? 

MCR Pathways will provide training prior to volunteers supporting a young person. Thus covering their mentoring journey, how to utilise their skills, safeguarding, ACE’s and so on. We also offer different training opportunities whilst you mentor with us, such as mental health and wellbeing courses.  


Volunteers statement or story  

Alana*, Mentor in the Young Talent Programme: “Getting to really know my mentee and watching her mature and blossom has been a privilege. I have enjoyed her friendship and admire how well she has coped with the challenges of Covid and life. I feel she is a resilient young lady who will cope well in life and I believe MCR has given her the tools to go out into the world. “ 


A story or statement told by someone who benefits from your organisation and the involvement of Volunteers.   

Brian*, Young Person in the Young Talent programme: “Mentoring has helped me open up more. When I first started meeting with my mentor, I didn’t really say much and I was quiet. But now that I speak to her every week, I have started opening up to teachers and speaking more in class. She has helped me think about the future. She helps me so much with careers and what I want to do. I don’t really see her as a mentor, but a friend.” 



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