Spotlight on Ninewells Community Garden

Spotlight on Ninewells Community Garden


What target groups do you help? 

We work with all ages and all abilities, those with gardening knowledge and those without.  

And how do the volunteers help?

Our volunteers are integral to the ethos, development and maintenance of the garden. They can be involved in a variety of tasks and activities, including daily gardening; delivering workshops and activities; designing new areas of garden development; planning and running events; welcoming visitors to the garden; developing the resources which use in the community; marketing and even admin. We are always keen to build on volunteer’s interests, skills and experience and therefore encourage suggestions and ideas.


What volunteer roles do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement? 

There are two main roles in the garden – our Garden Grower role and the Garden Buddy role. Both roles are working in our garden, but our Garden Buddy is for those people who would like to support someone else who wants to access the garden as a volunteer, but might struggle to do so on their own.   

We have a Digital Gardener role, which is a remote role. This is role is focused on the creation of blogs, resources and webpage creation and would suit someone with an IT or marketing background. We haven’t managed to find anyone to take on the challenge for this role, so we’d love to hear from you.  

We do have an admin volunteer role, but this is currently full.   


What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you? 

We don’t require any particular skills or experience for our garden grower and garden buddy roles. However, if you would like to volunteer as a garden buddy, you would need to be prepared to complete a PVG.   

Digital skills and the ability to work independently would be advantageous for the digital gardener role.  


What training can the volunteer expect? 

All training will be provided where required. Volunteering in the garden takes place with one of our garden facilitators or one of our core volunteers present.  


Volunteers statement or story

Volunteering has given me a purpose and helped in maintaining an active mind and body. I have developed new skills and have satisfaction in seeing the garden develop.

Volunteering has helped me gain experience in another aspects of horticulture. I know my work here is adding to the community garden. It is
good for my health and wellbeing.  


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