Spotlight on ScrapAntics

Spotlight on ScrapAntics

What target groups do you help?

We are here for the whole community but prioritise working with those who are disadvantaged or marginalised for example due to poverty, ethnicity or refugee status.

And how do the volunteers help?

There are many different roles from working in our ScrapStore, which involved sorting donations, speaking to customers and selling resources to taking part in creative projects, workshops, play sessions and more.

What volunteer roles do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement?

At the moment we are just looking for ScrapStore volunteers however we have just done a call out and had lots of interest so are at capacity for now.

What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you?

Good interpersonal and communication skills,
Enjoy working in a team,
An open mind and a respect of diversity and inclusivity,
Interest in benefitting the community,
Can-do thinking

What training can the volunteer expect?

Shop processes, creative up-skilling, moving and handling

Volunteers statement or story

“I love the concept of ScrapAntics, things being reused. A lot of things I wouldn’t volunteer for but I care about recycling. I like raking through the donations, sorting stuff out. I am lucky to be here and I love the atmosphere of the shop when I come in.”
– Lorraine

A story or statement told by someone who benefits from your organisation and the involvement of Volunteers.

“I love the ScrapStore you can never tall what you are going to find in here! Because everything is so cheap I can experiment with my materials which really helps with my creativity. Its great that this is a social enterprise, you get a real sense of community when you
come in and everyone is so nice and helpful.”
– Anonymous



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