Spotlight on Wellbeing Works

Spotlight on Wellbeing Works


What target groups do you help? 

Wellbeing Works supports individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges by providing one to one and group support, helping people to move towards recovery, and better wellbeing. We believe positive mental health and wellbeing can best be supported when people are valued as individuals with their own unique life stories and ambitions. By focusing on people’s experiences and assets we believe in building confidence and skills, connecting with others, and having a positive impact on our community. 


And how do the volunteers help? 

Our participants benefit from taking part in groups which improve their mental health and wellbeing. These groups cover activities such as arts/crafts, gardening, walking and creative writing. Volunteers help support these groups and support participants to take part in them. This might be by welcoming participants to groups, demonstrating tasks/activities and generally helping to create a warm and supportive atmosphere for group members. 


What volunteer roles do you have, and do you have any areas you wish to get more volunteer involvement? 

Our volunteer group roles include art/crafts, gardening, walking and creative writing. At the moment, we are specifically looking for volunteers to support our Men’s group. Once a week the group travels by train or bus to visit museums, galleries and other attractions. Sometimes this takes place in the local area and sometimes the group visits Glasgow, Edinburgh and other places outwith Dundee. We are looking for volunteers to accompany the group and staff on their outings. Duties would include welcoming new members to the group, helping individuals to access public transport,   and generally supporting the group to experience and enjoy the place they are visiting. 


What skills & experience are required to volunteer with you? 

We welcome the varied life experiences that our volunteers bring and so there is not one sort of experience we are looking for in a volunteer. In fact, we are looking for volunteers who have varied interests and talents so we can improve the range of activities we offer. We do however require a few essential skills in our volunteers that will help them to support our activities,  

  • Good interpersonal skills- the ability to listen, empathise and have a non-judgmental approach to others.  
  • The ability to work well with others but also take initiative when required 
  • Punctual and reliable 
  • A commitment to developing understanding around mental health and wellbeing.


What training can the volunteer expect? 

Initial training will consist of two sessions. The first introducing our services, activities and values, the second focusing on the specific volunteer role and individual volunteer needs. Volunteers will thereafter be offered the opportunity to undergo other relevant training as appropriate to their role.  


Volunteers statement or story

“Volunteering has helped me and others in so many ways. I began volunteering as a way to boost my own mental health, and so a charity that helps others in similar situations seemed the perfect fit, and Wellbeing Works has such a positive impact on the people it helps, I’m so glad I chose to become a part of it. The obvious and immediate benefit to volunteering is meeting new people, and the staff here have all been so welcoming and eager to help you feel comfortable in whatever role you pursue in the organisation. Any question, any issue, they have been approachable, helpful, and encouraging from the start.

My time with Wellbeing Works has allowed me to reframe my own struggles with mental health, turning a negative into a positive – a list of experiences that I saw as painful memories can be reformed into instructive and informative guides to help me understand and empathise those that the organisation supports.

Running the creative writing group has been such a rewarding experience, as you not only meet the service users but watch as their skills and personal creative styles develop and flourish. Whether it’s a cathartic excising of negative experiences and thoughts or an escapist expression of their imagination and creativity, the breadth and diversity of styles and views and language is an amazing thing to be a part of.

Anyone that is considering volunteering, be it with Wellbeing Works, or anywhere else, I would encourage them to go for it. It’s been one of the most rewarding and positive experiences you will ever have, and the benefits you can bring into others lives is immeasurable. Do it, take the plunge, and I promise you won’t regret it!”

Ian, Creative writing volunteer 


A story or statement told by someone who benefits from your organisation and the involvement of Volunteers.

“I appreciate the people who give up their time to help me. The volunteers are amazing, nice and friendly. Without their input and fresh ideas, I don’t think the classes would be so varied fun and interesting. The volunteers are very well-versed in the subject they teach. You feel very much at ease and enjoy what you are being taught. The atmosphere is always friendly and lighthearted and very good for the soul. I think having volunteers enhances the classes.” 

Creative writing participant.  




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