Volunteers Week 2021

Volunteers’ Week is a week-long opportunity to annually celebrate and recognise the contribution that many people make to our communities. This year Volunteers’ Week is 5 weeks away and we are getting in touch to help you and other Third Sector organisations and community groups spread positive and inspiring stories about Dundee’s fantastic volunteers.

We have a number of ideas to make this Volunteers’ Week a memorable one, and we would like you and your volunteers to get on board!

 “In Your Shoes” – gathering of volunteers’ stories.

The idea is to capture a series of photographs featuring a pair of shoes and the story behind those shoes. Pictures and corresponding stories will then be shared through social media and other channels during the course of the week.

DVVA are gathering pictures and stories from DVVA volunteers, and looking for other Volunteer Involving Organisations to support us with this innovative way to celebrate 2021 Volunteers’ Week.






We would love to see and share your volunteers’ stories, the difference they make and what they look forward to – with a photo of their shoes accompanying the story. We want to be as creative and accessible as possible, and so, if you or your volunteers prefer to submit short videos and audios as well, that would be fine!






Please share this “In your Shoes” template and consent form with your volunteers and invite them to submit their stories and pictures. Above is an example of the photos we need and also how the finished article will look (above left). It is a blank canvas, so feel free to be creative!

“Spotlight On” – a snapshot into your organisation and volunteering opportunities

We are hoping to ramp up our successful ‘Spotlight on’ during Volunteers’ Week. Therefore, if your organisation hasn’t recently been featured, please be encouraged to fill in the standard template and DVVA will promote the volunteer opportunities you are currently recruiting for, the work of your organisation, and the difference made by its volunteers.

“Snaps, quotes and videos”- all welcome!

Please encourage your volunteers to take pictures with a placard saying “What I am looking forward to when I’m back to

volunteering is…” If your volunteers work remotely and holding a placard is logistically challenging, please send through their pictures and quotes, and DVVA will edit them on your behalf. Please find here a template placard.

If you or your volunteers prefer to film the “Spotlight On”, “In Your Shoes” story or a general testimonial on volunteering, below is some video guidance.

Video Guidance

For your information, this year we are theming each day of the week as follows, and pictures and stories will be shared in accordance with this schedule:

(Please note that volunteering roles that don’t fall into these categories will also be distributed during the course of week!)

Tuesday 1 June – Young People and Families
Wednesday 2 June – Older People
Thursday 3 June – Mental Health and Recovery
Friday 4 June – Food provision
Saturday 5 June – Health and outdoor activities
Sunday 6 June – Faith volunteering

The ways people contribute to make Dundee a supportive and kind city is wide-ranging, and with your help we will endeavour to capture a snippet of the volunteering picture across the City.

Be a part of Volunteers Week 2021 and help us celebrate the 32,000 volunteers in Dundee.

Thank you!

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