Making Recovery Real in Dundee

What is Making Recovery Real in Dundee?

Making Recovery Real started in 2015 bringing together people with lived experience and organisations to identify and prioritise what should happen to support mental health, wellbeing and recovery.  Making Recovery Real has put people with lived experience right at the centre of decision-making, service design and practice development.  Change is happening at all levels, for individuals; colleagues, peers and amongst wider teams; within organisations and in the wider environment.

Who is involved in Making Recovery Real in Dundee?

Making Recovery Real Partners Group

Making Recovery Real in Dundee brings public and third sector partners which were supported by Scottish Recovery Network together to make mental health recovery a reality in Dundee.  This has resulted in an increased focus and investment in engagement, recovery story sharing and peer recovery approaches.  The initiative is now embedded in the city, and the approach and priorities are being recognised in the Dundee City Plan and Dundee Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Key activities;

  • Sharing and collecting recovery stories from over 40 people
  • Producing a film “recovery Stories” where 18 local people shared their personal stories of recovery
  • Developing and sharing online resources to support discussion of the film and encourage wider story sharing
  • Developing and delivering Peer2Peer training using the Peer2Peer vocational training resource developed by SRN through a European project
  • Investment in Peer Support in Dundee from Article 15 monies
  • Recruitment of Peer Recovery Development Worker
  • Making Recovery Real in Dundee: A review with the Scottish Recovery Network


Making Recovery Real Peer Recovery Network

The Peer Recovery Network membership is for people with lived experience of mental health issues who are in an informal, voluntary or paid peer support role.

In December 2019, a co-design event was held for the members to create the vision and outcomes for the Peer Recovery Network.  The main aims and objectives were identified;

  1. Personal Development & Support

The Network will develop, promote, deliver and facilitate a route into peer recovery which enables a progression route, including access to learning and development opportunities and volunteer or employment opportunities for individuals who have lived experience of mental health recovery.

  1. Raising Awareness & Communication

We want to be Leaders in communication by being inclusive, transparent and have clear communication lines to give hope, share information about services and highlight good practice.

We to want to influence and shift focus of the mental health agenda through promoting what we are doing as a community, supporting and encouraging positive recovery story sharing and conversations.

  1. Network Activity & Partnership Working

We can change it by getting together and offering a consistent and inclusive outreach programme on the doorstep of the local communities.

We will take an open, holistic and collaborative approach to working together for the greater good with different organisations including drug, alcohol, mental health and other services.

We want to Develop activities that bring people together to encourage networking, information sharing and encouraging sharing of resources and funding such as Awareness Days.

  1. Schools & Young People

We want to have a co-design event to widen the Network to involve young people and to set up intergenerational work to promote recovery and support around emotional intelligence in schools and communities.

Making Recovery Real in Dundee PDF


Latest News

Making Recovery Real Talks To Podcast

The creation of a podcast series was identified as an excellent opportunity to fulfil outcomes of The Peer Recovery Network Co-Design report.  The podcast will explore mental health topics, peer support, recovery conversations and story sharing and local mental health services.  The podcast will assist in shifting the balance of the mental health agenda in Dundee by raising the awareness of mental health and wellbeing along with promoting the work of the Making Recovery Real Network – allowing the MRR Network to become leaders in communication. The podcast will enable the MRR Network to continue partnership working and provide learning and development opportunities for MRR Network Members and Volunteers.

Our Partners

For further information please contact

Kevin Hamil

Peer Recovery Development Worker

Mob: 07719 969 231