Technology Enabled Care (TEC)

Dundee SmartCare 2020

The fifth Dundee SmartCare has been postponed until further notice. We expect to reschedule for an autumn date. This is what it will feature, all going to plan.

healthcare apps … the kind you use on your smartphone for physical and mental health

The Alliance’s Once for Scotland local and national directory is developing fast … they call it aliss

We’ve invited app developers Waracle to do some futurology

Smart homes are in fashion … Geraldine from TEC in Housing will explain. And Alexa will be along later.

Can you use sensors to prevent people falling?

We’ll also round up recent developments in Dundee, where we’ve had success in using online outpatient appointments, home blood pressure monitors and new technology in dietetics.

When the event is over, we’ll upload presentations and videos on this page. If you want to exhibit, or have any queries, contact Fi Williams (PhD), TEC Communications Development Officer, on


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09:15 Diane McCulloch, Head of Service, Health & Community Care, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership, welcomes delegates.

09:30 Stuart Beveridge, seescape – Alexa! Help Me Live Independently! 

10:00 Paul O’Donnell and Brian Brown of ARMED – Using TEC to Predict and Prevent Falls

10:45 Refreshment Break and Exhibitions

11:15 (please choose the option you want on the day)

Option One – Angela Fulton, Engagement Manager, ALISS ,  Greg Fenton, Manager, DFC In The Community Trust and Dr Viola Marx, Green Health Partnership Coordinator, Dundee City Council/ NHS Tayside … “Saving Time, Saving Duplication, Finding What You Need in Scotland’s Local and National Directory”

Option Two – PASS … Duncan Campbell of everyLIFE  Technologies Ltd on Digital Care Planning, Care Management and Monitoring

12:00 Pete Gordon, Chief Operating Officer, Waracle … Trends in Digital Healthcare

12:45 Lunch, Exhibitions and videos

13:30 Geraldine Begg, Technology Enabled Care in Housing “Vital Partners – Housing, Health and Social Care”

14:15 George Kowalski, ORCHA. “327,000 healthcare apps … ORCHA helps GPs and other clinicians find the tiny percentage of apps that really work.” 

15:00 Shona Burge, Angus Health & Social Care Partnership and Sheilagh MacFarlane, Westgate … “Scaling up Blood Pressure Monitoring with Florence

15:30 Jacqueline Walker, Nicola Hutchinson & Rhonda Manning … “Digital Nutrition and Dietetic Solutions”

16:00 Ross Jamieson, Ashley Bertie, NHS Tayside e-health … “Online outpatient appointments with Near Me

16:30 Ends

Dundee SmartCare Convention 2018

This event is over but you can catch up on what you missed or just look and watch again. The Convention was in The Steeple, Dundee on 21st March 2018.

The speakers at Dundee SmartCare introduced many new and useful ideas to the audience, all worth watching again!   Videos with slides are available for most presentations.

Digital Dietitians and More; Jacqueline Walker, Dietetics Video with slides

Florence; Shona Burge, Angus Health & Social Care Partnership  Video with slides

Primary Care Digital Programme; Tracy Wyness, NHS Tayside Video with slides

Atrial Fibrillation Detection and Management; Professor Lis Neubeck, Napier University and Kylie Barclay, British Heart Foundation Video with slides

Digital Opportunities; Tom Morton, CEO, Communicare247 Video with slides

Things Can Change and Here’s How; David Lynch, Chief Officer, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership Video

The Psychologist in Your Phone; Chris Wright, Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare Video with slides

That Flashback Feeling; Nick Balneaves, Playlist for Life Video with Slides

More info from also watch Facebook @DundeeTEC

About the Speakers at Dundee SmartCare 2018

Professor Lis Neubeck

Lis Neubeck is Professor and Head of the Long Term Conditions Theme in the School of Health and Social Care at Edinburgh Napier University. Her research focuses on innovative solutions to secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, identification and management of atrial fibrillation, and use of new technologies to improve access to health care. Lis has secured over £1.5m in competitive research funding and has won notable prizes and awards for her research, including the prestigious Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Nursing Prize (2013).

Lis is Immediate Past President of the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association (President 2015-2017), served on the board of the Cardiovascular Nursing Council of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (2013-2016), and is the Australian representative on the Global Alliance for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease of the World Heart Federation. She served on the Faculty of the eCardiology and eHealth Conference in Berlin (October 2016). She is the Treasurer of the Cardiovascular Council of Nurses and Allied Professionals of the European Society of Cardiology and serves on the programme committee of the EuroHeartCare conference. She is also a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology.

Tom Morton

Tom Morton is a Electronic and Communications Engineer with background experience in location finding, Satellite (Remote Sensing) technology and more recently mobile and Internet technologies. He believes technology can help us do more to improve the quality of life for the people we look after. It’s an emerging market which offers opportunities, if we think creatively.

Communicare 247 Ltd uses digital technology and 24-hour monitoring services to support independent living. Cloud software services and innovative technology provide reassurance for individuals at home. Services manage care pathways, address loneliness and improve social inclusion. Families and service commissioners are provided with transparent data insights to balance the duty of care while meeting audit and resource challenges to maintain effective personal care.

Chris Wright

Chris has been working in the NHS for over 12 years focusing on the implementation, design and development of unique services and systems.  In the past 12 years Chris has been responsible for a number of initiatives and key developments in the field of mental health in Scotland.  He was responsible for the development of a technology based step care model focused on treating those suffering from mild to moderate symptoms such as depression, anxiety and stress.  His title is Service Development Manager at the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare.

During his time in the NHS he has also worked in a number of other key areas such as acute and primary care services, risk management and performance management always with a focus on the use of innovation and technology to improve efficiency and clinical care.  Chris is now responsible for the national implementation of cCBT in Scotland and programme manages the MasterMind and cCBT TEC projects.

Nick Balneaves

Nick Balneaves is Head of Digital and Development at dementia charity Playlist for Life. He is responsible for the charity’s recently released iOS app and is currently working with partners including Universal Music UK and 7digital on innovative web services for dementia care. He believes strongly in the power of technology to help people with dementia and their loved ones live better lives.  Previously, Nick split his time between creating web-based tools and services for business and education clients and making radio programmes for the BBC.

Councillor Ken Lynn

Councillor Lynn chairs the Integrated Joint Board of the Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership. He leads for Dundee City Council’s Administration on social work and health. Previously he had a career in housing and homelessness, working internationally. Ken is a strong supporter of the creative use of technology in care and healthcare; he is also the driving force behind a new commission to investigate and produce practical solutions to problems of substance abuse in Dundee.

David Lynch

David Lynch started his career in health service management in 1982, working in several hospitals across Glasgow before moving five years later to Angus as Hospital Administrator covering hospital and community services.

In the mid 1990s when community and acute services separated he became Deputy General Manager for acute services covering Angus.

He took up the post of General Manager for the Tayside Elderly and Rehabilitation Directorate in 1998/99 when the three locality trusts were combined and three years later was appointed General Manager for Dundee Local Health Care Co-operative and Elderly and Rehabilitation Directorate.

In April 2005 Community Health Partnerships emerged and David became General Manager for the Dundee CHP.

In his most recent role he has been responsible for managing and delivering integrated primary and secondary care services across Dundee, linking with partners in the council and voluntary sector.

Alexis Chappell

Alexis Chappell is one of four Locality Managers with Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership. Alexis has had responsibility for managing and leading a range of services which includes youth justice, substance misuse, mental health, learning disabilities, occupational therapy, housing support, hospital discharge, first contact and welfare rights services. Alexis has driven the Technology Enabled Care agenda, initially for Dundee City Council and now the Partnership.

Jacqueline Walker

Jacqueline Walker is the Manager of the Tayside Nutrition Managed Clinical Network. She has been encouraging the use of Florence in dietetics and is keen to explore other technologies which improve the efficiency and the quality of care.

Shona Burge

Shona Burge is the Home Mobile Health Monitoring Development Manager at the Angus Health & Social Care Partnership. She has been leading the charge on Florence, helping healthcare staff set up and use this simple text based system for home health monitoring. Shona is also involved with the VideoActive programme in Angus, which encourages seated physical exercise for people in care homes, led by  instructors from sports centres over a videolink.

Tracy Wyness

Tracey Wyness is a Senior Project Manager in NHS Tayside’s e-Health Directorate. She has promoted the use of mobile applications for staff to support patients at the point of care; and is currently working on extending the use of technology in GP practice to enable more efficient working and also convenience for patients.