Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action Annual Report 2020/21

DVVA Annual Report 2021

Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action was heavily involved in the local council response to the pandemic, assisting with the setup of 8 local community hubs and involvement in the vaccine roll out. We also represented the sector in Resilience Planning meetings and Incident Management Group meetings with Dundee City Council. We were able to secure over £400,000 of new funding from Scottish Government, Dundee City Council and local trusts which was distributed to the sector over the year.

Our Engagement Team worked with the local community hubs set up by the Council to co-ordinate the support for communities.

We also coordinated the distribution of tablet devices to older and isolated individuals through Connecting Scotland, whilst also providing training on how to use the devices from volunteers.

We also recruited over 200 volunteers for the Flu vaccine and Covid vaccine distributions.

As a response to Covid, we worked with a local app company to develop GetLocalSupport, an app which allows a quick link between volunteers and those needing support. We had over 580 volunteer connections during the year.

Lochee Community Hub was primarily used as a distress hub over the last year, allowing individuals, often with chaotic lives, to access emergency food provision, support with addiction and mental health issues as well as guidance on services able to support them.

Link Up Whitfield increased their usual food larder and introduced deliveries whilst in the peak of the pandemic. Over the year, we distributed over 4,000 bags of food to individuals and families in need between both our hubs. Some outdoor group work has managed to restart which allows individuals the much needed social connection.

Our Dial-OP service which provides information on local services became exceedingly busy during the last year as we communicated what services were available for individuals shielding or unable to leave their homes.

We were able to establish online services for isolated individuals, allowing group activities to take place virtually. A pen pal network was also set up to allow those with no technical skills to write letters to volunteers.

The Healthy Minds Network moved their regular drop in sessions online, whilst also facilitating activity and wellbeing packs being sent out to individuals. We managed to assist in the distribution of additional funding to many organisations within Dundee supporting individuals with their Mental Health.


The preparation of a strategic plan was delayed due to the immediate response required from the pandemic. The Trustees are currently consulting with various stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for the organisation which will subsequently lead to a 3-5 year business plan. Broadly the organisations activity falls into two district areas:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Third Sector Interface activities

The following areas are seen as key to the development of the organisation going forward:

  • Social Isolation
  • Organisational Development
  • Volunteering
  • Mental Health/Substance
  • Young People
  • Corporate Services

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