Dundee’s Community Wellbeing Centre: What should it be like?

Dundee Community Wellbeing Centre: What should it be like?  


DVVA’s Mental Health and Substance Use Team are leading on the Community Wellbeing Centre Stakeholder Group.

As we work towards opening the Community Wellbeing Centre for Dundee, we want to know how you would like it to look, feel and operate, from the first point of contact, throughout the visit, and beyond. 

Below is a set of questions. The answers to these questions will help inform the service specification, which in turn will help the commissioning panel to choose a third sector organization to run the Centre. 

DVVA staff are available to facilitate discussion with community groups if you choose this, or we can support groups to hold their own conversations if you prefer. Please send your answers to the questions to louiseyanetta@dvva.scot or ask Louise for any support you need to facilitate or take part in discussions.  

You can complete questions online via our survey.

We will also hold two online sessions to address the questions. 

Session 1:  21st February 2022 12-2pm :  Access, Support and People.  

Session2: 22nd February 2022 12-2pm : Physical environment, Emotional needs and Families.   

Both of these sessions will be held on Microsoft Teams. If you would like to join one or both sessions please email drewgreenwood@dvva.scot and Drew will send you the link you’ll need to join in. 

Think BIG!! This is an exciting opportunity to influence positive change for Dundee. We want to hear your big ideas, and will use these, within the boundaries of safety and possibility, to deliver a Community Wellbeing Centre which is the best it can be for Dundee. 

Community Wellbeing Centre Engagement Jan 2022

The themes and questions 

The 6 themes we’d like you to think about are: 

  • Access to the Centre 
  • Support provided 
  • People 
  • Physical environment 
  • Emotional needs 
  • Families 

The Questions for you are: 

  1. How should people be able to access (or enter) the Centre? (E.g one number, just show up) 



  1. What should the experience of accessing the Centre look and feel like? (e.g chat in the café, cup of tea, chat on the phone) 



  1. What services and people should be provided by the Centre? (think about accessing and making use of the Centre: e.g.  should there be clinical staff, volunteers) 



  1. What should the building space or surroundings of the Centre be like? (e.g unclinical, low level response room)  



  1. How should the emotional needs of the person using the CWC be met? (e.g dealing with distress or helping to calm them down, a safe environment, a chat, a walk) 


  1. How can the CWC support the needs of families and carers? 


Many thanks for your input. Please remember to send your answers to louiseyannetta@dvva.scot 

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