Community Wellbeing Centre – February 2022 Update

Community Wellbeing Centre Update – February 2022.

A report was submitted to Dundee Integration Joint Board in April 2021 outlining the plans to develop a Community Wellbeing Centre as part of broader developments in the provision of mental health crisis and urgent care in Tayside.   At that time, it was envisaged that it would take up to 12 months for the development to realise, with project completion for the end March 2022.

A potentially suitable building to host the Centre was identified in April/ May 2021, and a specification submitted to Hillcrest in June 2021.  In August 2021, Hillcrest provided initial plans which were revisited as the space on offer was potentially tight in relation to the specification.  Hillcrest undertook further work on plans and submitted revised proposals to the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership in October 2021.  These plans were agreed and discussions moved to agree the capital costs that would be incurred in order to progress plans.

Following discussions in Autumn, anticipated capital costs increased from the initial assumption and work has been ongoing to identify ongoing rent costs and revenue requirements around staffing.

Hillcrest have now secured agreement from their Board to proceed with the capital works, on the basis of costs being met by both Hillcrest and the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership.   Work is also underway to determine the value of the contract for a voluntary sector provider to run the Centre.  Financial planning for the Centre, will consider projected revenue costs and potential available funding which is likely to come from new Scottish Government funding for Mental Health and/or social care.

Hillcrest will progress the work on the building, including the detailed design and tender stage prior to construction.  Given the current building delays, related to the provision of building materials and manpower at this time, Hillcrest have advised that the work will not be completed within the original deadline of March 2022. They have provided assured that once budget approvals are in place, this will be progressed as quickly as possible and they will advise of anticipated timescales for completion once this is clearer.

A stakeholder group has been in operation since November 2021 and will be fully involved in co-producing the service specification for the Centre.  DVVA will lead on the stakeholder group processes, and will engage with community groups and Health and Wellbeing networks through a conversation café model from the end January to early February.  A series of questions about how the Centre should look; feel and what should happen there; has been developed by DVVA and will be used to gather as many views as possible.  The Stakeholder Group will review all contributions and it is anticipated that the invitation for organisations to tender will be distributed in early March.   A Prior Information Notice is due to be sent out imminently to potential organisations who would be interested.   The delay in invitation to tender, will mean that an organisation will not be awarded the contract before May/ June, however, the benefits of a fully engaged stakeholder group driving the development of the Centre are significant.

Progress continues to be made with the additional support that is linked to the Centre development.  The Ambulance vehicle is fully operational, and Penumbra have appointed a manager for the DBI Service and have a detailed implementation plan with associated timeline.

In summary, progress continues to be made, however, the anticipated timescale for the Centre to be operational has now been revised to August 2022.

Arlene Mitchell.

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